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About Us

Ousted from the dynamic city of Navi Mumbai, in 2011: a sole brainchild venture with a dream to traverse into a reality one day, which is none other than “Top Girls Mumbai” (TGM) today marks the 12 years Anniversary, as a website. Despite the ups and downs which curtailed the path to fruition, we forged ahead to escape from the storm to achieve this cornerstone, today.

We have been serving with solid-rock commitment since its inception, delivering strategic objectives, backed by unanimous compliments and reviews by clients which is a daily food for fostering new life to our website each new day. For us, our clients and customers, are a gardener and we are a flower in the garden, which is watered every day, to make it grow healthy and beautiful.

TGM Escorts Benifits

Established with an ambition to strive and thrive, until the end: we invariably assured ourselves to implant the conviction of ‘never say die attitude’ even if we are losing. Hence, it is because of the sheer hard work and commitment, that augmented in our trajectorial wayward to amend with our website, we have come this far to pluck the fruits, produced from our consistency and persistence.

Now we are proud to renounce that, the fruit of hard work, determination, and consistency is eternally sweet, despite tasted bitter and sour at the start of the venture and mission. Stumbles and relapses even made us stronger, we fluctuated, but due to our constant effort and fortitude even though at times we got flattened like punctured Tyres, we salvage a point to testify that, today our “Top Mumbai girls”(TGM) have become the torch- bearer of the escort agency in Mumbai and elsewhere.

We hope to maintain the momentum and strive ‘hither and hither’ because we love to keep climbing the ladder of success, to its apogee.

Adding to that on a brighter note, we got coronated to be one of the best among the fore-runners because of the affable support and encouragement from the fans, throughout all these 12 years... Miles to go before we sleep and still counting.

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