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One night stand! Good Or Bad?

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One-night stand! Good Or Bad?

Love is always in the air! But unlike the relationships of older times, nowadays, physical needs are as important as emotional needs. So, couples these days are concerned about their physical needs too and satisfy the cravings from time to time, along with their partners. The fact which we fail to understand is that physical craving is common in every human being. So, as couples can meet their physical requirements, we often do not think about how the singles feel about it. They have certain requirements too and fail to satisfy it, due to the lack of a partner. This age-old failure to understand the physical cravings of single people gave rise to one night stands.

Since one night stands came into existence, the discussion of whether one night stands are good or bad has been beaming around. Now, to answer this question, there is no exact answer to it because it's all about the perspective from where we see it, and from the situation we belong to, at that point of time.

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As the concept of a one-night stand has been brought to us by the internet, as a relationship which is mainly physical and lasts only for one night time, without involving any serious emotional feelings. Though the definition is quite clear, people tend to mess it up due to the presence of the word “relationship” in it. Catering to a certain set of perspectives regarding one night stands, it solely depends on your emotional wants and physical desires.

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Now, coming to the traditional concept of a one-night stand, it is nothing more than having sex with a stranger just to satisfy your physical desires. According to the research, many such instances have affected about 70% of individuals mentally as well as emotionally.
Some individuals are worried about the outcome of the sexual intercourse affecting their health, while some go through a state of emotional distress after parting with the partner.

While all these aspects might nullify your perspective about a one-night stand, let us introduce you to the other aspect too. Just as there are chances of regretting the people we meet and lose connection with during one night stands in mumbai, the fact that a one-night stand has its own beauty is also true. Do you know what the instant spark of meeting someone feels like? It's amazing and fascinating at the same time. The feeling when you first meet someone whom you compliment, either physically or mentally, is just what a one-night stand is. It's more than like but not exactly love. So, attempting a one-night stand will take you halfway through, and the rest of it needs to be taken care of, by the partners.


Also, the stories that one-night stands have given birth to serious relationships, and even marriage, is not at all uncommon. If both the adults are on the same page, then however you start it, be it physically or any other way, it hardly matters. If it is meant to last and the two have the will to do so, then it must.

Those were just the probable outcomes of one night stand which may, or may not, cater to you. There are certain thoughts which are meant to pass your mind, during carrying out a one-night stand. After a lot of surveys, it has been found out that the denial tendency to one night stands is more probable in women, than the men. While 60% of the women who happily denies it, there are 40% of men, who are still regretting their decisions of saying no to casual sex.

You may wonder why most women are more conscious of this. To answer this, there are certain questions and the social norms too which surround her. Unlike men, women cannot be so reluctant about the fact that they might get pregnant through casual sex even and taking pills or going through an abortion process can pose as a health threat.

Another reason why women are comparatively less reluctant about this, than the men, is because according to psychological studies, 90% of women fall in love at first sight. If it's only a one night stand, and the other partner doesn't want any emotional baggage, then it may lead to an emotional mess for the woman. It is in the system of most women to look for committed partners who can make them feel content. And expecting a commitment from a one night stand sounds really weird!

The thought about “What's next?” is what strengthens the denial to a one night stand in a woman. According to recent psychological studies, it has been known that a woman tends to think about the past and the future more than the present. So, when asked about how they feel about one night stands, most of the women seemed to be not sure about it. They consider it to be a very immature act!

Men too have diverse views when it comes to one night stands. Not all of them want to grab the opportunity to get a woman in the bed and most of them think quite seriously about one night stands. According to a recent survey record, most men usually think that relationships can grow from a one night stand too.
According to such men, one night stands are not only about sex but something more than that. You may not believe it at once, but it is true that men take more interest in exploring women and their views, other than only sharing a bed with them.

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While contrary to that, some men consider it as too casual and consider drinking alcohol and tripping over each other as one night stands. Such a perspective is mainly developed from an irregular lifestyle and too much stress. Such men usually try to keep the depression at bay through such casual hookups and one night stands. As this type of men is common these days, women completely tend to ignore the men who belong from the previous category, above.

Thus, the concept of one night stands does not have any perfect definition yet, as it's completely dependent on the perspective from which you see it. There is nothing quoted as “good” or “bad” when it comes to this concept as it completely and solely depends on YOU!

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